Urban Planning
Environmental Advocacy

Daniel Hewes holds extensive experience in Urban Planning and Environmental Advocacy as a Consultant based in the Boston area. 

Urban Planning Consultant

Upon gaining knowledge, experience, and training throughout his professional career working with local senators as well as organizations such as The Green Roundtable, the Boston Public Health Commission, and Urban Upbound, Daniel Hewes went on to found his own urban planning consulting company. 

Daniel Hewes Urban PlanningAs an Urban Planning Consultant Daniel Hewes works with a diverse range of clients to build innovative and sustainable solutions for:

  • Land use
  • Energy use
  • Water consumption
  • Carbon emissions
  • Public health
  • Travel and transportation
  • Environmental protection
  • Fiscal challenges
  • Community building

Throughout the entire process, from scenario planning to advanced planning, to analysis, modeling, and design, Daniel Hewes advises clients through each stage to develop smart, efficient, and informed decisions and strategies. 

Environmental Advocacy

Throughout his career, Daniel Hewes has always held a high importance on environmental advocacy and protecting the natural world. Combining the beauties and functionalities of nature with those of buildings and other structures is one of the most rewarding experiences of urban planning. 

To ensure that the environment is protected and considered for all urban planning and development projects, Daniel Hewes and other leaders in the industry gather together at various conferences and events including: